Spa and Hot Tub Safety


Informed consumers are concerned about safety because serious injuries and even death can result from unsafe use of spas and hot tubs and associated products. Here are some examples:

• Drowning – Drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death for children under five. The water depth of a spa or hot tub is sufficient for drowning to occur. Be especially careful with children under five years of age.

• Elevated Body Temperature – Soaking for too long at higher water temperatures can elevate body temperature and temperature of internal organs beyond safe limits. Pregnant women, infants and children are especially sensitive to high temperatures, as are many people with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions and those taking certain prescription medicines.

• Entrapment – Suction from inlet and outlet grates, returns and drains can cause entrapment of hair or body parts and drowning.

• Burns/Fires – Chemicals needed for clean, sanitized water are potentially harmful when stored or used improperly. If mixed with other chemicals or elements, explosions and fire can occur.

• Electrical Shock/Electrocution – Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Electrical shock or electrocution can occur in a spa or hot tub if live electrical current (including current from a telephone) comes into contact with the water.

• Cuts, Contusions and Abrasions – These injuries can occur in the spa or hot tub environment as a result of horseplay, improper use of equipment or failure to follow manufacturers’ instructions or warnings. Serious trauma or disabling injuries may also occur.

You can help ensure that your family and guests are not victims of any of these unfortunate accidents.

–Excerpt from The Sensible Way to Enjoy Your Spa or Hot Tub, courtesy of the National Spa and Pool Institute. Copyright 1995 by the National Spa & Pool Institute. Contact our office to obtain a complimentary copy of the entire pamphlet.