Spa Maintenance Agreement


Contact our office for pricing information and assistance in selecting the program that best fits your schedule and maintenance needs.

SpaMeister customers may select a 3, 6 or 12 month spa maintenance plan consisting of an initial tub cleaning and the following services:

  • Special member pricing when actively enrolled in a maintenance plan.
  • Initial set up with a proper water sanitizing system of the customer’s choice, i.e. chemicals/Ozonator. (Additional charges may apply if an Ozonator needs to be installed.)
  • SpaMeister will inspect all filters on the spa and inform the customer when new filters are needed.
  • SpaMeister will vacuum clean the spa on a monthly basis.
  • SpaMeister will inspect the spa’s plumbing for leaks or potential leaks, and inform the customer if any problems should occur.
  • SpaMeister will inspect the spa’s electrical components (motors, blowers, lights, spa packs) and overall condition and advise the customer of any problem or potential problem.
  • SpaMeister will change spa water when needed.
  • SpaMeister will inspect spa cover and inform customer when it needs to be replaced

Note: When a customer is using a chemical system set up by SpaMeister the customer is required to maintain chemical levels between visits as follows:

  • Keep bromine tabs in water
  • Add ½ capful of water clarifier every two weeks

If chemical levels are not maintained additional charges may occur to cover water clarification and re-balancing.

  • Do not add any chemicals to your tub other than the ones listed above without first calling SpaMeister or additional charges may occur.
  • Spa needs to run a minimum of four hours daily in filtration mode for maximum water clarity. (Timers will need to be added to systems that do not have them for an additional charge.)
  • All maintenance customers are required to have two filter elements when on a maintenance agreement.
  • Some customers may require a chemical feeder to achieve full hands free maintenance.